“Served” and the Pies

The #RethinkChurch Lenten Photo-A-Day prompt os “served” today and our devotional talks about serving God instead of serving another master. In the devotional, I shared a bit of my experience working in a store while earning commission.

In considering what to share today, I tried to think of something the opposite of working and selling for your own gain. As strange as it sounds, I thought of the pies that our church sells at the pie sale. I have never run the numbers on the cost of ingredients, but I would guess that the cost of the pies is significant, the labor put into each is costly, and the price we charge is likely a bargain for a homemade pie.

Still, people make pies for the pie sale. Why? They make the pies to serve others and help their community. What a wonderful gift to share with the world around the church! Something sweet offered up to help support the church. The pie makers exemplify what it is to serve rather than be served.

2 thoughts on ““Served” and the Pies

  1. Methodist pies are the best. Over the years have gotten many pies from the church sales. I am always
    thankful to have been able to purchase one or two. It also makes for a very happy husband.


    • I agree about the Methodist pies. I don’t know about the husband part, but I can say that I have rarely regretted bringing home a pie, except when everyone else eats it all before I get a slice.


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