My name is Robert Dean and I am an elder in the United Methodist Church who currently maintains dual-standing with the United Church of Christ as the pastor of a Federated Congregation in New York State.

Selfie from 2016! VBS was fun that year!

I began licensed ministry in 2008 within the United Methodist Church after several years of youth ministry while attending seminary. I graduated in 2010 from Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School in Rochester, NY with a Master’s Degree in Divinity. I was commissioned a Provisional Elder of the United Methodist Church in 2010 and was ordained as an Elder and received my full membership in the Upper New York Annual Conference in 2012. I serve as a minister at the discretion of God with a lot of the details  and specifics handled through (and in consultation with) the ministry of the Upper New York Annual Conference and the leadership of her bishop and cabinet.

My professional interests include Spiritual Formation, Spiritual Direction, and local church leadership. I am particularly drawn to the spiritual disciplines and I am consistently seeking new ways to inspire the laity I serve with to enter into the traditions and personal/communal spiritual growth methods of the church.

My personal interests are poetry, cooking, and reading science fiction. I have three kids and am married to a wonderful woman. This blog exists as a place of personal expression, professional engagement, and in order to continue to grow as a human being.

For the public record, I am attempting to recuperate the cost of keeping this blog advertisement free through the use of the Amazon Associates program. As an Amazon Associate I earn gift certificates from qualifying purchases. I use these gift certificates to defray the cost of books, cooking tools, and other items which regularly feed into this blog. I am not getting rich off of this program, but every tiny bit helps! Thank you for supporting the blog!