“Sacrifice” Photo-A-Day Haiga

The word for the day for the #RethinkChurch Photo-A-Day challenge is “Sacrifice.” Being myself, I can’t leave well enough alone, so here’s a haiga! You may not understand why this is the picture, but I am reusing today’s haibun from an earlier post.

The sardines my daughter is eating are sustainably harvested. Fish like sardines and anchovies can be a good source of protein but are often overlooked for more expensive (less sustainable) proteins like beef, chicken, lamb, and often less sustainable fish. Why do we look past them? Perhaps it is because we do not realize what a whole world spending a day or two a week sustainably eating might do for everyone.

Also, if you cook them well, it is not much of a sacrifice. They really do taste very good when cooked well! Just look at the photo!

Sacrifice daily.
Ask where today’s food comes from
Once or twice a week.

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