“Pray” Photo-A-Day Haiga

The word for the day for the #RethinkChurch Photo-A-Day challenge is “pray.” Being myself, I can’t leave well enough alone, so here’s a haiga! My prayer today is for the United Methodist Church.

Two flames side by side
Burn beneath Christ’s open arms:
We cry, wail, and pray.

3 thoughts on ““Pray” Photo-A-Day Haiga

  1. Sorry, not on topic, but since we were taking turns with that, I will continue. FB given up for Lent and admission of unread emails, this was my only choice. Now you can say there are at least 11 who comment. Just google Don LaRose story and be amazed! The first article from Christianity Today requires a subscription to continue beyond the preview, but the next listing leads to lots of “good reading.” I’m about to check out the kenwilliams.org website. You must admit, the man is creative in his insanity!


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