“Perspective” Haibun

There is a time for every matter under heaven. There is a time for challenge and a time for winter. There is a time for difficulty and a time for tears. There is a time for brokenness and a time for loneliness. There is a time for solitude and a time for silence. There is a time for every matter under heaven, so why be jealous of those whose tears are yet to come? Why be envious of those who will know broken days? Why wish to be those who have had perfect days? There is a time for every matter under heaven…

Tomorrow will come
And all will be different,
So breathe through the pain.

“Perspective” by The Distracted Pastor, 2019

This poem is written in response to the challenge from the dVerse Poets’ Pub challenge for a Haibun on Solitude. This poem is dedicated to a good friend who knows why I wrote it. Thank you for listening, my friend.

7 thoughts on ““Perspective” Haibun

  1. I like the calming repetition of ‘There is a time’ throughout your prose, Robert, and the questions are pertinent ones. Thank you for the haiku, which is hopeful and healing.


    • Thank you. The repetition is a twist based on the words of Ecclesiastes 3 in the Hebrew Scriptures. In that chapter the back and forth is between extremes. I have dealt with people who say “I only ever see the one, but never the other.” Those conversations inspired the poem.

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    • Thank you very much! I like your Haibun as well. I participate in something called the Academy for Spiritual Formation. Every night during our retreats we have “The Great Silence” where nobody speaks. Every morning while we are in session, I rush across the building with a hastily snatched cup of coffee. I find my seat, sit in the silence, and breathe. Even as people gather, it is still my place, my home, my presence in the silence in the midst of my fellow “yogis.” Your beautiful imagery transported me to a blessed place–thank you.


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