My daughter’s poem

My daughter wanted something to do tonight. Someone shared a challenge to use the word “fragrant” and an antonym in a challenge. I offered this challenge as an opportunity to my nine year old to share her talents. If you’re out there friend, please let me know where I should share her entry. Here is her poem:

The flower is fragrant.
A bell rings out very well.
A skunk is quite smelly.
At the beach I found this shell.

An Awesome Daughter’s Poem, 2019

By the way, as a father I need to ask: What shell? We live literally miles upon miles from the ocean…

One thought on “My daughter’s poem

  1. How nice that you shared this with your daughter! I love her poem. The last line is sort of like the twist in the last line of a haiku! She might do very well in counting syllables and writing haiku!


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