Distracted by Panic

via Daily Prompt: Panicked

The phone rings. I greet the caller, answer questions, and look around before hanging up. My office is my world most mornings. My time is filled with notes to send, calls to return, and things to ponder. I look over to the stack of four books, but there are only three. I will have to run home as that book is on my to-do list.

I dash in the door a few minutes later. The dogs are excited. The cat could care less. I am thinking about a ringing phone with a frustrated person wondering why I have not answered the phone. I stumble over my daughter’s jacket. I careen into the kitchen while promising to have a word with her when she gets off the bus.

As I dash through the kitchen I gaze longingly at the coffee maker and the tin of cookies sitting nearby. The tempting tin is waiting for the kids. I filled it with cookies just last night. I bet they would taste great right about now. After all, the tin might be waiting for me. I think of my office phone ringing. I run into my office. I search for the book. I find nothing.

I dash in the kitchen again. I see the book sitting underneath a clean coffee mug. I remember that I left that breakable mug there to remind me to slow down that morning. I’ve been getting too worked up lately. The mug was a reminder to slow down.

I look at the coffee maker. The coffee maker is still warm and ready to brew. I pop in a pod, smell the coffee as it brews, take a sip, breathe deeply, and then I think of the phone. I can practically hear it impatiently ringing.

I rush in the door as the phone rings. I sit at my desk with the still warm coffee in my hands. I greet the caller, answer questions, and look around before hanging up. I breathe deeply, take a sip of the smooth blend, and look at my pile of four books… I remember where I found the mug as I count to three. Well, at least I have a cup of coffee.


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