What do you do all day?

Greetings friends in Christ. I’ve decided to start a blog and I am very late to the party!

You might be asking me why I am starting a blog now. You might be asking me why I am not starting a micro-blog or engaging more in Twitter. You might even ask if I will ever use Twitter for anything other than communicating during large-scale church meetings…

Allow me to answer the last concept first. No, I will likely never use Twitter for anything more than communicating during larger meetings because I find the majority of Twitter to be filled with vapid exchanges that are worth less than 143 characters. I have the same opinion of a lot of social media.

So, why create a blog? Dialogue and the insane belief that the internet could and should be filled with something besides presidential rants and cat videos. I am hoping to reflect on something deep on a regular basis. I hope you join me on the journey as I dive into considerations of the normal distractions that come along with being a pastor, a father, a husband, and a citizen who seemingly has dual-citizenship in Heaven and on earth.

God help us all–there will likely be puns. Be afraid.

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